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    Default [Habboxween] Escape Death Row!

    It's Habboxweeeeeeeen and this year we bring you something different, but equally as spooky to previous years!

    What's that I hear you ask?

    This year we're going to be going on a paranormal investigation inside the HMP Mammoth prison where a Habbo very well known.. who is it? It's Frank of course, he may of seemed very innocent in the welcome lounge but what you didn't know that his past was about to come back to haunt him, after being found guilty of his crimes around Habbo he was placed in prison on death row. He spent years in prison waiting for his upcoming death. He had finally been punished for his crimes.

    Frank was placed on the electric chair on Wednesday 24th October, 1920...

    A few days after his death it become evident to everyone in the prison that Frank's spirit wasn't ready to pass over.. the prison was eventually closed due to the threat of death to all staff and prisoners. Prisoners were moved onto other prisons, staff refused to go back in, leaving the prison abandoned. Over the years, paranormal investigators have entered the prison in an attempt to get Frank to pass over, no-one has come out since.. it looks like Frank has claimed more victims..

    On Wednesday 24th October 2018, (the anniversary of Franks death).. till Wednesday 31st October. Habbox will enter the prison and carry out our own paranormal investigation.. Will anyone come out alive?

    Throughout this event you will be looking through each room in the prison for items that Frank left. Our amazing department managers will be there to help you find the items with a challenge each day, all you need to do is complete the challenge to collect that item.

    Here's a quick overview on the departmental events:

    Wednesday 24th October: Articles
    Thursday 25th October: Content
    Friday 26th October: Competitions
    Saturday 27th October: HxHD
    Sunday 28th October: HabboxLive
    Monday 29th October: Graphics department
    Tuesday 30th October: Recruitment department
    Wednesday 31st October: Events Department

    Information regarding what items you'll be collecting will be published by the department managers on the day of their event, keep your eyes peeled!

    What do I get from taking part in this event? Well....

    Every departmental event/competition around the site will be worth 100 points in total which will be divided out how the department managers feel fit for their event. Every entrant will receive 10 points for just entering so even if you aren't a main winner you'll still receive points.

    There will be also be a 1 room race event which will be hosted every day alongside the departmental/site competitions which will be in my room where you can take an extra walk around the prison and complete the room challenges. There will be 3 main winners per round 1st place winning 50 points, 2nd place winning 25 points and 3rd place winning 15 points.

    At the end of the week the top 3 people with the most points will win the following:

    1st place - 50c, 700 tokens, 2 months Halloween VIP and inmate overalls (which can be found in the following image):

    2nd place: 20c, 500 tokens, 1 month Halloween VIP & a vampire bat hat (which can be found in the following image):

    3rd place: 15c, 250 tokens, 2 weeks Halloween VIP & a axe to the head(which can be found in the following image):

    Everyone who takes part in this event will receive a prison icon that will be released closer to the event date!

    If all that Halloween fun isn't enough for you then back by popular demand we have the following....

    More information will follow on that from our lovely Radio Manager @hannahpig; along with details regarding our Halloween prom!

    Happy Halloween!


    James x

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