Firstly, OPPS! Sorry the competitions update post is a little late this week. I bet you've all been losing your mind over the absence of this glorious regular post. Before I continue though, I'd like to remind you all that the Habbox Bake Off Task 2 ends tomorrow! GO BAKE! QUICK!! (But read this post first, yeah?)


The winners of last weeks competitions are as follows..

*drum roll*

@Cadigyna; has won 50 credits in Countdown to Christmas, congratulations!
@TinyFroggy; has won 50 forum tokens and a turtle forum icon , congratulations!

Now what can I enter????

This week we have the following competitions written by our lovely competition staff:

To win credits or forum tokens:
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Lottery Winner
Costume Disaster

To win a forum icon and tokens:
Spookyween Habbo Pranks

and finally...

We have a PUMPKIN CARVING COMPETITION (or a fruit carving competition for those that don't celebrate Halloween or have a pumpkin) !! I'M SO EXCITED! Join in on the fun, and if it doesn't quite go to plan you can just use the pumpkin to bake... like @lawrawrrr; !

See you all soon x