Happy Wednesday! It's time to pick competition winners!!


The winners of last weeks competitions are as follows..

*drum roll*

@lucyecc; in "Please stop using Adblock" posting the Flash dog advert! Ahhhaa Flashhhhh! Congratulations.

@Cadigyna;, @Jarkie;, @123jm1; all win "Lottery Winner" as they all said they'd give money to charity.. aww!

@Cadigyna; has also won "Spookyween Habbo Pranks!" Congratulations!

@LidyaWillows; has won "Costume Disaster", your entry made us laugh!

I was on stage and we had to take off a dressing robe to reveal a fancy sparkly dress. someone else tied up the dressing gown because I was in a hurry and then when it came to the reveal, it wouldn't untie I had a dressing gown dragging behind me for the next 2 scenes...

New Competitions

We've now begun our Habboxween event, so as we'll have lots of events and competitions for you to enter. In the meantime, we've got just a couple of new competitions for you.

Habbox Spooky Short Story - Show us your skills in Jarkie's writing competition. You are all so creative, I look forward to reading your entries.

Pumpkin Carving Competition - Surely you'll be carving a pumpkin for halloween this year?! Make sure you post a photo of your creation for a chance to win a prize. Plus, we'd really like to see your pumpkins. I'll definitely post mine later in the week!

Great Habbox Bake Off - Final Task!
Make sure you enter your bakes, cakes, biscuits, breads and pastries! For this task you can bake absolutely anything. Who will be crowned king/queen baker!?!?

Have a great Halloween! x