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    Goldcoins VOTING - Habbox Hauntings

    Hello! Voting will open at 9pm for the Habbox Hauntings comp!

    Below are the entries for the Habbox Hauntings Ghost Comp if you need reminding!

    Please choose your winner by voting above on the poll! Thank you!

    The black outside the window isn't as empty as it may seem. Her eyes stare through the tiny gap between the curtains, her mouth open, silently screaming. She's watching you. She’ll wait till you go to bed and fall asleep, then she’ll hang over you only millimetres from your skin, with her long, dark wet hair touching your pillow, her mouth still wide open and her skin rotten. Don’t open your eyes if you wake tonight. She doesn’t like to be seen.

    Conor getting higher than the senior role

    ruth met funismyme. they become ruthismyme have little ruthismyme. scares people for life.

    It was 1am.... despect was in bed trying to get to sleep, on this halloween night though.. he couldn't sleep, in the streets further away all he could hear was halloween parties. Why can't they all be old like me and be in bed by 9pm? as he turned over to get his walking stick all he could hear were little whispers.. what was that noise he thought. All he could hear was a silent "dot 1, dot 1" he recognised this whisper.. he heard it back in his days on Habbo. He ran to his laptop and turned it on, typed into the search bar, logged into his account.. what he saw was horrifing.. someone had changed his account named to despect.1. As he sat there desperate to find ways to change it, he got blue screened, he sat there in silence.. his life was ruined. He screamed.. his windows suddenly exploded, he was screaming that much, the glass had exploded into his face, with blood dripping from his face, he bled to death.
    R.I.P Despect.1

    X:XxAlexXx:X -
    Q: Why was the jack-o-lantern afraid to cross the road?
    A: It had no guts!

    Laurawrrr -
    this is a TRUE story
    One day a lovely Habbo called Laura was out in the real world on a grotty wet September evening. she was making her way to the station after work surrounded by hundreds of people and their umbrellas, all poking her in the face, shoulders and messing up her hair (lightning bolt sound effect!)
    Her phone buzzed.
    She looked down.
    It was the dreaded text start.
    Oh shit. What could it be. What could the end of that sentence be? Could someone be sick? Was she about to be fired? Was the rise of the zombies upon us?
    "We've lost the last 2 months of forum posts..."

    Badr56 -
    The Witch Party
    Tracy convinced me to go to the party, I have no idea why I dont believe in that mumbo jumbo.
    We were just standing in the woods waiting for someone, I think we have been waiting for 2 hours. "Can we leave please? this is boring I wanna get drunk." I asked Tracy.
    "Shut up girl it hasn't even started yet" she replied.
    I was about to go on a rant on her for telling me to shut up, but all of a Sutton I felt a cold breeze down my neck. In front of me was this young woman all dressed in black, she was studying me from top to bottom, it felt really creepy and I was about to ask wtf she was doing but she held her finger over my mouth as a gesture to stay quiet.
    "We have found her!" She yelled and everyone gathered in a circle around me and Tracy, we both tried to escape and they let her run but a guy pushed me back into the circle.
    The woman yelled something in a foreign language I did not understand, out of no where I felt my whole spirit was removed from my body.
    I had become one of them, the soul less, but not any soul less I was the descendant of the witch herself, the queen and ruler of the undead.
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