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    Default Escape death row - WINNERS!

    Howdy all!

    As you may be aware, this halloween we entered HMP Mammoth in hope to help Frank pass over. It was a very hard task but by collecting all of his items that he had left behind we were able to help him pass over without any death... mostly...

    Who are our winners? Lets look shall we?!

    1st place: @FlyingJesus; with 235 points wins himself 50c, 700 tokens, 2 months Halloween VIP and inmate overalls
    2nd place: @Ekelektra; with 210 points wins herself 20c, 500 tokens, 1 month Halloween VIP & a vampire bat hat
    3rd place: @Jarkie; with 105 points who wins himself 15c, 250 tokens, 2 weeks Halloween VIP & a axe to the head

    Lucyecc - 25
    Ozad - 85
    Badr56 - 25
    Stealth - 60
    Corina35 - 90
    Jamiexo - 95
    Yellowbelli - 80
    RuthOnToast - 20
    deactivate! - 30
    Cadiyna - 50
    Lill-MeeDK - 10
    Texasmade - 10

    A HUGE well done to all of them!

    Hope you all enjoyed the event

    James x

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    I look forward to the axe to the head xo

    Well done everyone - it was a great halloween event!

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