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    Default Banned Iceland Christmas Advert

    I'm not sure if anyone heard but Icelands Christmas Advert was banned for being too political.

    What do you guys think of it?

    I think they made a mistake in banning it as it's probably going to become one of the most viewed Christmas adverts of all time, and quite rightly too.

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    Let's get this straight. It was not banned for being too political, it was not approved by an independent agency because it is NOT AN ADVERT FOR ICELAND they just slapped their logo on it!!!

    In all honesty though Iceland would have known this was going to be banned, they know their advertising standards. It's a fantastic viral marketing campaign.

    The issue of palm oil and deforestation is real and a threat to our planet, but it's not the only product that does this.

    Agriculture is therefore the leading cause of global deforestation, with 24% of the land used for livestock and 29% for crops. The report provides some details of the 29% chunk of deforestation due to agricultural crops, highlighting the crops with the highest contributions – soybean (19%), maize (11%), oil palm (8% %), rice (6%) and sugarcane (5%).

    Read more at:
    So who wants to launch a campaign against soy? Rice? Maize? Sugar?? Ugh it just bothers me so much when 1 small part is so hyper politicized and ignores or leaves out another huge part of the issue.

    We need to develop better ways of sustainable farming for these crops. All of them. And start planting more trees NOW!
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    Those who complain about the third world developing, which they must by cutting down forests for arable crop land, need to tell them and us all as to how we are to feed the world. More to the point, insane global warming policies such as biofuels actively encourage the chopping down of the Amazon when we should be using oil and gas which is plentiful and has little impact on the environment.
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