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Thread: Do you bike?

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    Default Do you bike?

    Do you have a bike? Do you bike often?

    When I was younger, I used to bike so often. But that was until my high school because my best friend who I used to bike with a lot, suddenly turns to pro and no longer bikes with me XD

    Then, when I started to become a teacher, apparently the male teachers in this school have been going for biking jamboree and they have been inviting me to join them. I do have a bike at home but not very sure whether it's the suitable bike for those jamboree as if I'm not mistaken, the preferred bike for those are the mountain bikes. The one I have in my house (my father's) I think is for the track. Therefore, I'm not sure whether I wanna bike again or not

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    I couple of years ago, I used to cycle to work and back. Altogether it was about 15 miles a day. Sometimes it was a bit of a drag, and unfortunately the route was by a main road pretty much the entire time, but I enjoyed it. It was actually quicker than taking the train. It was only a pain when I got a puncture. Used to cycle around with my friends every now and then when I was young. I don't have my bike currently. I live in a second floor apartment and there isn't really anywhere secure to store it, so it's stored away in my Grandma's garage.

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