Have you always wanted to be a moderator?
Want to wield the ban hammer?
Make some positive changes?
Just feel like you've got some more power round here?

WELL BOY have I got the job for you! We are currently looking for ONE new moderator to join our Forum Department and lovely small team! We are expanding our offerings and making it all easier to be a forum member here and we need someone else to join the team and help us!!


All you need to be able to do as a mod is the following:

Ensuring all users are following the rules
Interacting and assisting new members of the forum
Posting around the forum
Creating fun and interesting threads/games and assist the competitions department
Contributing to discussion
Being an active, approachable, good person!


How to apply?

Please fill in the following form and send it to me by clicking here


Why do you want to be a moderator?
What is your least favourite rule in Forum Rules and why?
An idea for an interactive thread (competition, debate, tournament, game etc):
Past Experience (if any):


Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected.

Please do message me if you would like to discuss the role further!!