The investigations are finally over. There were many false accusations and wild theories thrown about during the week, but four detectives managed to solve it!

However, before I get into it, I'd like to thank Laura for helping me finish off the graphics and tasks for it. I can't really begin to explain how stressed I was planning this, and how stressful it was to keep up with everyone's storylines and tasks (I even had multiple nightmares about trying to solve a crime lmfao). Also a big thanks to all of you for taking part and for being so patient with me during this event while waiting for tasks. I really think I would have gone crazy otherwise!

Before I announce the winners, let's confirm who actually did it. The murderer was in fact... RuthOnToast, using a knife because of her unrequited love for Despect! I have taken Sloths' story from her notebook to put here to show what happened:

Quote Originally Posted by Sloths
I think RuthOnToast killed Despect with a Knife because she confessed her Love for him and he declined because he was already in love with someone else so she raged and stabbed him once for each month she was in love and then proceeded to cry and eat toast in the kitchen forgetting to clean and return the knife because she was so heartbroken.

I put all four winners in a random number generator to choose the top three and, without further ado, here are the winners!

In 1st place, winning 300 Credits, 1 Month VIP, 500 Tokens, and an exclusive award, is...

In 2nd place, winning 200 Credits, 2 weeks VIP, 300 Tokens, and an exclusive forum award, is...

And in 3rd place, winning 100 Credits, 1 week VIP, 150 Tokens, and an exclusive forum award, is...

Well done! Please contact me on Habbo to receive your prizes!

Fun facts for those who care

I'll end this long thread with a story written by RuthOnToast, based on what she believed happened.

Quote Originally Posted by RuthOnToast
Habbox community AGM Despect were found dead on board the habbox express, after spending time on board the habbox express investigating this murder of despect i found a few suspects one being ruth-on-toast after she were found to be on duty the night despect were murdered however it turns out all she wanted were to not do any work and eat toast. After talking with shonly i discovered it is possible that despect you could have a female admirer. Once i found out the last person to see despect were laura making her my prime suspect, according to ruth she heard the pair arguing because despect had drunk all the wine.

Once i had finished with my investigation i had come up with the conclusion that laura were the one to of murdered despect, after spending time with each other on the habbox express laura had grown quiet close and went to spend the evening in his cabin in the hope she would be able to tell him her true feelings, however despect had drunk all the wine and laura loves wine. Her emotions were all the place and in anger she stabbed him with the knife and dragged away the body and took the CCTV tape to destroy the evidence in her room while she cried over photos of her and despect together.
Thanks again for taking part!