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    Default Students Call for The Pogues to Remove A Word From Their Song

    moderator alert Clue #002: Too busy playing video games to help the Wise Men? Let us know which game in this thread.

    Well, recently there have been articles going round in the newspapers with students calling for the word Faggot to be removed from The Pogues song Fairytale of New York. I will include the lyric video to the song at the end of this thread for your views.

    Student newspaper editor calls for word 'faggot' to be banned from Pogues Christmas song in case it offends homosexuals

    ~ Article title from the Daily Mail
    The article went on to say;

    Tom Haynes wrote opinion piece for student paper about Fairytale of New York
    He said that people should stop saying 'faggot' as it could offend LGBT people
    Some accused of him of being a 'snowflake', argued word has multiple meanings
    Since 2007 BBC have bleeped word from the song, which was released in 1987
    Following on from that, the article from the Daily Mail when on to say;

    London-based Tom Haynes, assistant editor of student paper The Tab, has split social media over his opinion piece on The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's festive hit.

    In it he claims a line, sung by MacColl, which goes 'you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot is a homophobic slur which is just as bad as using the N-word.
    However, there are some people who are protecting the song, one person going on to say;

    People are so sensitive and that’s coming from a gay person people can sing it all they want what is wrong with people.

    ~ Adam Curtis commenting on the article for the Daily Mail
    However, one person is jumping to protect the song, saying;

    It has NEVER been okay to use homophobic slurs in any context, I don’t see why it should be suddenly okay just because it’s in a song? It literally does not harm you or affect your life by removing one word from your vocabulary or omitting that word from the song. If you wouldn’t use the n word, don’t use the f word.

    Emma Louise Lack commenting on the article for the Daily Mail
    So what's your views? Should is be banned or should the song carry on saying the words?

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    Comes up every year, I personally don't really care either way. It would be easy enough to censor it for radio and whatnot, and not exactly a massive stretch to edit in the word "braggart" instead which would still work without creating a pause in the song, but I won't lost sleep over it
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    this just proves that students are all faggots

    if anyone wants to ban it it's just an argument to use the word more
    dont care virgin

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    That is my response to this.

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