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    Da unequivocally brainiac AlterTronic crew that we highly think of do way care about the needs of their customers, then, by the end of the year, two of the most pants-droppingly expected items are bound to be inserted into their official catalogue:

    The Classic IDIOTBOX (sporadically called IdiotBox Senior), 1.01; We switched the former cacti since letters on the fact its spikes tended to increase the radius of the available porn channels was frequent in the last 2 years

    ...and, since more recently, for all the appreciators of MELLOWER broadcasts, we're also allowing you test the flavor of the public prototype called IDIOTBOX JR. , specially designed for Habbos who enjoy watching Television sitting on a rug

    Source of its upper brain may vary depending on the region

    Values not announced yet

    Eh that's it bye!
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