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    Default [Christmas] Now! That's What I Call Habboxmas!


    Do you ever find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit? so much so that even listening to Christmas songs doesn't seem to help?

    Well, this year Christmas song sales have plummeted meaning all Christmas songs are no longer available to be downloaded or even brought from shops, looks like Christmas might be cancelled this year .

    In the bid to make everyone feel more Christmassy your task is to collect all of the best Christmas songs throughout the week of 17th - 24th December. Our lovely department managers have hidden songs for you to collect to put together a BRAND NEW album!


    There are 7 songs to collect in total! How will your Christmas album look like?

    What can I win?!

    There will be a leaderboard posted at the end of the week which will contain how many songs people collected for their albums. The people who collected the most will win the bigger prizes. So for you to be in with a chance to win BIG prizes, collect as many songs as possible. All you need to do is enter all of our competitions that will be put on by our wonder department managers.

    Here are a list of prizes that you can win:

    1st place (person who collected the most songs): 2 months Christmas VIP, Xmas throne, gold trophy, Christmas Icon & 300 tokens
    2nd place: 1 month Christmas VIP, Christmas hat, silver trophy, Christmas Icon & 200 tokens
    3rd place: 2 weeks Christmas VIP, Christmas Jumper, Bronze trophy, Christmas Icon & 100 tokens

    Not to worry though everyone who enters will be given 50 tokens for just taking part!

    *Please note if there's multiple people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, all of those people will be placed into a random number generator to generate the main winner*

    Merry Christmas to all!


    James x
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