What do you consider the best gift you have ever received or given to somebody else? Doesn't necessarily have to be for Christmas.

I think the best gift I ever gave anyone was a patchwork quilt I made for a former girlfriend. It took about two weeks, sewing a couple of hours a day, machine and hand. I used light and pastel colours because she liked those best. It was large enough to cover a double bed (I'll include some pictures below). I was always very pleased I made it it's the most effort I have ever put into a gift and was all my work from scratch (though I snipped the patterns from my grandma's vast array of spare material). Sadly, it's probably just been left somewhere and forgotten about now. I made a cuddly cat shaped like a bowling pin, too. I made my mum a cushion; she said it's too good to use so it's more of an ornament on her bed. Some of the best gifts I have received have also been hand made. My grandma and my auntie have made me wonderful things over the years, as did my ex-girlfriend. One year I offhandedly said I wanted a ukulele, so she bought me one along with a 'how to learn' book. It's nice to receive something that has clearly been thought about or tailored to you. My grandma had always wanted to fly in a helicopter, so one year her children (my dad and his siblings) brought her a private flight.

What about you?