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    Default What kind of independent country should we be after Brexit?

    Life after Brexit: Britain's post-EU future

    So I was feeling quite positive just before, and with 102 days to go until Brexit I thought maybe we should talk about what kind of country we want to be after the 29th March 2019. Let's assume we're heading for No Deal, which means completely out by that date.

    In that scenario, Britain is fully sovereign from day one. I think from that day onwards, we can start having a real discussion as a country as to what kind of country we should shape now that we are 100% in control of our own destiny. That's quite positive. Left or right we'll all have our own visions, but surely there's areas people can come together on. Think of the possibilities.

    So I had a quick think and here's my post-Brexit list of priorities that I think could unite our kingdom.

    Foreign policy

    - Open talks with Australia, Canada and New Zealand about setting up a Crown Freedom of Movement system.
    - In addition to Freedom of Movement, set up a nationally funded + subsided student exchange system between the four countries.
    - Begin to use the Commonwealth as a platform to push for liberalising trade around the world, benefiting poorer countries.
    - Engage the public on immigration. Controlled but be generous with high-skilled immigration work permits to attract talent.

    Domestic policy

    - Involve Labour as to how we spend the Brexit dividend and how. Possibly devolve to council levels(?)
    - Prioritise northern cities and reconnect northern towns to the national economy.
    - Strengthen the Union with visible identity schemes like Australia in 1990s. Union flag flown at every school, public building etc.
    - Take a cross-party look at ridiculous EU regulations we can ditch to attract Foreign Investment away from Europe to Britain.
    - Use government/schools to begin to encourage British businesses to export more. Grow an exporting business culture.
    - Close the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) this year for a full refurb and get it done. Massive infrastructure project.

    Now they aren't all burning issues close to my heart, but I am thinking of policies that can unite and cross party lines.

    Do you agree or disagree? What would you propose? What should our EU membership budget be spent on instead?
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