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    Default Do you like office hours or not?

    I notice that some company do have a weird working hours. I had a friend who told that his company start works at 7pm and end around 2am. Now that makes me think, if I have the capacity to choose, would I choose the normal office hours for work 8am-3pm or not?

    The only reason I would choose normal office hours is just because I don't like going to mall etc during the days and looking like jobless. Lmao.

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    I used to work shifts, so sometimes I would do regular 'office' hours such as 8-4 or 9-5 etc.. Then other times I would do 12-8 or 14-22, or 17-01 etc...
    I actually enjoyed those shift, patterns, it meant that I could enjoy myself during the week where I didn't have work till like 5pm, and could do my food shopping on a Wednesday for example where it the shops were generally empty, as opposed to when the majority of people were off work at the weekends... or if I wanted to go to a theme park etc, I'd always go during the week when everyone else was at work.

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