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    Default Monthly Events Roundup - December!


    The Monthly events roundup is a quick summary and review of all that has taken place in the department this month, it will consist of news and statistics from the department, the announcement of Events Player and Events Organiser of the month and Weekly Events.

    We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Another small slip in events this month, but nothing major. We have an amazing team going into 2019 and I look forward to working with each and every one of them, our aims for the month of January are to focus on hosting more skill events, such as Attack, Trap and Danger zone, as well as hosting some old school events such as Add it up and Name Three!

    Coming soon- Habbox Official Events Hallway, and 24/7 Auto events!

    We are currently working on putting together an Events Hallway to link every events room at Habbox, we are hoping this will make it easier to navigate and find rooms you are interested in hosting.
    When the rooms are complete I will publish a full guide and work on putting together a map for the hallway.

    Also to come, 24/7 Auto Events - A different 24 hour event hosted every day of the week, alongside our normal events!!
    Huge prizes will be available for the top three scorers shown on the leaderboard at the end of the 24 hours.
    A timetable will be published on the forums when complete, for now keep an eye on the announcements thread for start dates!

    Currently Running:
    Monday - Auto Step on It
    Tuesday - Auto Tile Runner

    A huge shout out to @Its.Dino; for helping me with both of these projects, it couldn't have been done without him!

    Monthly Staff updates:

    Announcing the arrival of new senior staff, a huge congratulations to Nic01e for becoming a Senior in the Department! This is due to the ongoing hard work and dedication she has shown since joining!

    Unfortunately the following Event Organisers are no longer part of Department:


    Thank you all for your time at Habbox, please don't be strangers,
    You are welcome back anytime!

    With the Arrival of 4 new members to the team this month:


    Unfortunately Confusable has decided to step down from Events Organiser, and is now a guest in the department.

    Weekly Events
    24/7 Auto Events (Coming Soon)
    Player of the Month
    Host of the Month
    Event Statistics

    Habbox Weekly Events, brought to you by the Events Department!
    Every week we have 2 fabulous events lined up for you, so there is no excuse for missing out!! Note the date in your calendars and we look forward to seeing you there, with hundreds of credits and prizes to be won each week!

    Prize Counter - Every Thursday @ 22:00GMT - Hosted by Ozad

    Banzai Bank Game - Every Saturday @ 23:00GMT - Hosted by Ruth-On-Toast

    We are always looking for new weekly event ideas and people to host them! If you have any ideas or think you may be interested in hosting a weekly event for Habbox, please contact @Ozad;

    To keep updated on our weekly events, click here:

    To thank you all for supporting Habbox events, we have decided to bring back Player of the month!
    Each month we will select ONE lucky player who we think deserves to be crowned events player of the month.
    To earn yourself this title you will need to make yourself stand out to Events Staff within Habbox Events. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, the main one being just turning up and taking part in events!

    The lucky Person who wins this title and gets crowned player of the month, will be rewarded with the following Prizes:

    1 month of Forum VIP - colour of your choice
    (Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example)
    Player of the month Forum Award

    200 Forum Tokens
    30 credits
    +Bragging Rights!

    The moment we have all been waiting for... our Events player of the month for December is... *Drum Roll*


    We hope this scheme will encourage everyone to attend Events more often and show your support towards the department. You can check our previous monthly event winners by clicking the link below:

    To help show just how much we appreciate each and every staff member in our department, we decided to bring back Events Organiser of the month.
    Whoever is fabulous enough be crowned Events Organiser of the month will bag themselves a whopping 50c, along with additional goodies listed below:

    1 month of Forum VIP - colour of your choice
    (Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example)
    Host of the Month Forum Award

    200 Forum Tokens
    50 credits
    +Bragging Rights!

    Bringing home the crown for Events Host of the month...


    For her outstanding efforts over the month of December, consistently hitting her minimums and hosting multiple events on Christmas Day!
    Thank you for your hard work!

    Massive shout out to @RuthOnToast; who retained #1 on the Events Leaderboard for the ENTIRE MONTH of December!
    Ruth reached 5 weeks at 1st place, before sadly being knocked down to 2nd by Nic01e in the first week of 2019.

    The events department currently has 21 members of staff on the team!

    2 Management
    2 Seniors
    10 Event Organisers
    7 Guest Event Organisers

    *Last Months Stats:
    2 Management
    1 Seniors
    Event Organisers
    Guest Event Organisers
    Last Months Staff total: 25*

    Variation in Total Staff: -4

    Weekly events:
    01st-3rd: 8
    3rd-10th: 15
    10th-17th: 17
    17th-24th: 13
    24th-31st: 21
    31st-01st: 4

    Total events this month: 78
    Average events per week: 19.5
    Average events per day: 2.79

    *Last Months Stats:
    Total events Last month: 86
    Average events per week: 21.5
    Average events per day: 3.07*

    Variation in events hosted this month/last month: -8

    Event types/# hosted this month:

    Bank Game - 9
    Heaven or Hell - 8
    Telephrase - 8
    Danger Pod - 6
    Higher or Lower - 5
    Fireball - 5
    Falling Furni - 3
    Giveaway - 3
    Grocery List - 2
    Fridge Races - 2
    Balloon Game - 2
    Don't get a magot - 2
    Fridge Game - 2
    Cozzie Change - 1
    Don't get Bopped - 1
    Isolation - 1
    Black Hole - 1
    Pod Racing - 1
    Majority Rules - 1
    Murder Mansion - 1
    Blob Runner - 1
    Bunny Run - 1
    True or False - 1
    Carnival - 1

    Bank Game (Weekly) - 4
    Prize Counter (Weekly) - 3

    Saturday Night Quiz (HxHD) - 3

    Most Hosted Event this month: Bank Game
    Different Event Types Hosted this month: 26

    *Last Months Stats:
    Most Hosted Event Last month: Bank Game
    Different Event Types Hosted Last month: 29*

    Variation in Different event types hosted: -3

    *Please Contact myself or Flyingjesus if you would like to join the Events Department, or apply here:*

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