Happy new year everyone!

As we draw 2018 to a close and welcome in a new year it's only natural to look back at everything that's happened over the year. We've had lots of staff changes in that time, some amazing people sadly leave, some amazing people join and a really fantastic community join together once again to unite in our passion for Habbo!

Each month our department managers will send us a nomination for their departments, and General Management will discuss who is most deserving. There will be up to three winners each month who will be awarded for their efforts with a lovely month of HC! Without further ado, here are the winners for this month:


Our main staff of the month and winner of a month's HC is..... @ulas621;!

She has done pretty awesome in events since she joined, but particulalry in December, even hosting 3 successful events on Christmas Day and is a general delight in the Helpdesk. Well done!!

Unfortunately not all nominations can win a prize, but we do have some honourable mentions to share too!


It's quite rare for a staff member to join and almost immediately impress EVERYONE at once but Argentinien has done just this. She's done an amazing job in getting stuck into both the Content and Rare Values departments and both of her managers wanted us to recognise her for December's work even though she was only here for just over a week of it!

Thank you to all our staff again and here's to a great 2019!