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    I suppose in hindsight I have 2 opposing opinions on this. I think I'd loved to have had a job at a youngish age so I could have got a head start in saving money etc, but perhaps I feel that way because I actually had a childhood and did stupid things with friends etc.. whereas I bet if I didn't and i had a job from a youngish age then I'd wish the opposite.

    I do strongly agree with what Laura said as well. I think basically I want the benefit of having my own money so I can have more options, combined with the freedom, innocence and lack of worry that childhood has.

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    I agree with laura having a part time job is not for everyone at that age, if i look back to when i younger i was struggling just to stay in a mainstream school so being required to go do a part time job would of just added far too much anxiety that i wouldn't of been able to cope with.

    These lots of other stuff kids can do to developed their skills other than working not all kids are sat at home all day on playing games, i spent my evenings swimming and i was never in our top squad we only trained 4 days week. Our top squad are training more than 6 times a week, if they were required to get a part time job we wouldn't anyone to become successful at sports because they wouldn't have any time to train. Plus the can benefit a lot from being part of a sports team, they learn how to bond as a team and dedication, they can learn to be able to deal with set backs.

    Another thing how are we going to supply all the jobs? if everyone young person had to get a job would there be enough jobs out there for everyone?

    Anyway we all have YEARS of being in work once we become adults why can't we just spend our youth just enjoying life before we have to enter the real world? Let the kids do what they want they already have alot of pressure on doing well at school and everyone is different just because one can cope with a part job time doesn't mean everyone can.

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