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    Exclamation Rare Value Staff Applications

    The Rare Values Department is currently looking for keen traders and enthusiastic furni hoarders to join the Rare Values Department!
    Do you have a interest in trading? Know a lot about the History of Furniture? Then this is the thread for you!

    This thread will explain a little about the role as a Rare Values reporter at Habbox, as well as the application itself.

    Value Reporters


    -Responsible for updating current values on the site
    -Responsible for adding new values to the site
    -Should have a keen interest in furni trading and values
    -Should be moderately active on Habbo and HabboxForums.
    *No experience required*

    If you think you have what it takes to join the Rare Values Department, then feel free to apply!
    Simply send a PM to Ozad or ARGENTINIEN
    on the forums including the following application form (Filled in with your responses):


    Habbo username:
    HabboxForum username:
    Discord username:
    What Year did you join Habbo:

    1. How Many years trading experience do you have?:
    2. What kind of items do you usually trade (rares/supers/norms)?:
    3. What can you bring to the department and why would you like to join us?:

    Suggest three value updates (see spoiler below for example):

    Example of Suggested Values:
    Current Value: 515c
    Suggested Value: 495c

    Blue Marquee
    Current Value: 10,000
    Suggest Value: 5,000
    Seller: BlueDrake Buyer: Ozad

    *Please note these values are not accurate and should not be used in your application, but please do use the layout to suggest three value updates of your own!*


    Good luck to all applicants! If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact myself or another member of the department.

    Rare Values Management.

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