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    Default Virtual Reality & Job Interviews?!

    So as some of us are aware... technology is forever growing and changing; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

    With this addition, despite it not becoming a such of a new "thing" virtual reality in job interviews is becoming more of a norm as the years go on.

    What are your view on this? Has it gone too far? or is this a brilliant idea?

    Here is a video of ING creating and experiencing this concept:

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    I've had Skype interviews before and while it's not fully like VR it just is NOT the same as seeing someone in person, it's just like a total vibe in person

    Also if a company had this as a step it would surely exclude anyone from the job who couldn't afford the software?
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    I'd prefer seeing the person, I think it's a lot different being there with someone in real life or seeing someone on a screen/VR etc. I got my job where I am now, because I was able to show what I was capable of, I was able to ask more questions and meet potential colleagues I would be working with, you can't build those relationships through a screen/VR.

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