Hey hey!

It's been nearly a year since our guides were released and in that time some changes have been made and new ones have been added, so just a quick thread to update you all on these changes!

When we first introduced guides, all of the guides were on the site apart from event guides, which were on the Wiki. We have now transferred all of the event guides onto the site to keep all of the guides together, but also to make them a lot easier to read and follow. The following guides are also new to our list!

  • WIRED Pod Racing
  • Lucky Chair
  • Snake
  • Multitasking
  • Shout It Out

  • Enter room message
  • Auto Kicker

  • Winter City Crafting
  • Infected Laboratory Crafting

We will hopefully be adding a few more soon, but if you have ANY suggestions on guides we should add, feel free to submit your idea in the form found on THIS page.

If you are interested in writing some of your own, please contact either me or Ekelektra!

Have a nice day