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    Default Monthly Build Roundup - January & February 2019

    January & February

    This is the start of our new monthly newsletter..
    This way we can really show our appreciation to the builders who stand out from the crowd & keep you all updated on any changes and upcoming event..

    This will be a combination of Jan & Feb, then going forward it will be a monthly post!
    .................................................. ............................................

    From our badge events for January & February...

    As always we have seen some awesome work from the builders but one that stood out the most to us in January was: @areww for completing his first build as a Habbox Builder! - Well Done pal! Keep up the good work

    In February it was: @nic01e for achieving her first build here as a builder, she had a vision and went for it, she wasn’t afraid to ask for help and furni's from other builders & other staff from habbox!
    (Side note, if your struggling for furni, ask in the general chat on discord)

    A huge well done nic01e <3

    January & February room of the months were….. *drum roll*

    The room of the month went to....
    @xxGreenBearxx for your room Noobie event room!

    The room was so big and you were able to give it so much detail. We noticed a lot of people complementing the build so a massive well done to you!

    For your Valentines event room, the room of the month went to.... @Ozad! The park
    room was such a beautiful room, the valentines lake ride at the top was such a great addition to the room!

    Well done to you both for such a great rooms!

    This year we have already seen some fantastic builds,
    I cant thank you all enough for your hard work! It doesnt go unnoticed,
    and it has been hard to choose just one room for room of the month!

    So far what games we have seen this year...

    1 - Guitar hero
    1 - Roller maze
    1- Don’t step on
    1 - Find & unscramble the words
    1 - Guess the Furni
    1- Guide bot
    1- Bot script
    3 - Interact with Furni
    3 - Avoid it
    2 - Rooms with a queue

    We are loving the fact that we aren't seeing duplicates of games each month!
    Keep it up!

    Builder with the most builds this year

    @Its.Dino - 4
    @xxGreenBearxx - 3
    @Deactivate! 3
    @areww - 2
    @Ozad - 2
    @FlyingJesus - 1
    @nic01e - 1

    The next badge event will be open from the 8th - 12th March!
    Details will be posted as soon as we know

    @FlyingJesus @Jetcutie @Deactivate! @Hx.Ben @Its.Dino @Ozad @areww @xxGreenBearxx @nic01e
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