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    Default What do you listen to for each mood you feel?

    Hi there!

    I'm curious about what you listen when you're doing different things!

    I'll drop an example of my music taste below:

    • Angry - Hamilton Mixtape (specifically songs such as Congratulation - Dessa)
    • Focused - Mozart's Requiem (sadly unfinished), but an amazing listen - particularly 6. Lacrimosa. I prefer it performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.
    • Happy - Current pop, really.
    • Working out - Spotify have a banging Pump It workout playlist.

    I'll add more as/when it comes to mind, but let me know your tastes! Always up for listening to new things. With an Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo Dot (1st Gen), I'm never more than a sentence away from a new song.

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    I listen to the same thing regardless of my mood, always grime/rap kind of music.
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    When I'm SUPER SUPER focused I like to listen to instrumental music. Film scores (Pirates and Inception are the BEST), modern things - God is an Astronaut is my current fav - then I also really love classical music. Mendelssohn, Holst's planets are what I usually go for then sometimes I'll put on like an LSO album or Classic FM.

    When I'm really sad I do the cheesy thing of listening to sad music. Spotify's "moods" are the best

    When I'm really angry I prefer a bit darker music, MCR, VersaEmerge, old Panic/FOB stuff.

    When I'm in a normal average mood my playlists atm are very much musicals and the new Mumford album. I get a bit obsessed with 1/2 albums at a time!
    examples of how predictable i am:

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    hmmmmmmm difficult one to place really, i'm all over place with music

    depressed - can't listen to anything

    angry - can't listen to anything

    euphoric - any song i'm reallyyyy into atm or that like builds up well. Florence + the Machine

    relaxed - foals, bombay bicycle club etc

    happy/drinking - old style tunes like clubbed to death etc

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    I have a few playlists for different times of the day. Usually in the morning, when I'm on my way into work, I play music that have fast beats and good jams. These include; Dua lupa, Backstreet boys, etc.
    When I'm going home, I am always listening to music with a soother tone, I am addicted to Paramore's music right now.

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