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    Lightbulb Senior events staff apps are now open!

    Hey there boils and gurgles, reckon you got what it takes to be our newest events senior?

    Myself and Nicole are looking for someone to be an intermediary for us - a point of call for events staff without the burdens of management tasks! If you'd like to be considered for this position then we'd love to hear from you

    The role is largely one of support, taking care of the general staff and helping to recruit new faces to the team. You'll need to be polite and approachable, and of course be a presence on *+*THe HoTeL*+*

    You do not have to currently be part of the events team to apply, but obviously the basic minimums of 2 events per week will still have to be hit as you're there to set an example!

    To apply, just send me or Nicole (or both if you're feeling fruity) a private message filling out the tiny little form below:


    Habbo name:
    Your favourite event to host and/or play:
    How you'd assist if you saw a host struggling in an event:
    Anything else you feel you'd bring to the role:


    And that's it! Good luck, and we hope to hear from you xxxxxxxxxx
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