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    Default Monthly Build Roundup - April 2019

    April: Definitely not Pokemon that would be against copyright! LOL

    Whoop Whoop.. Another successful event!

    This month Dino and myself have noticed that the forum post for organised events isn’t being used as much as we would like.. I can’t express enough that it is *essential* that if you are building a room or have an idea for a room that you MUST post it on the forumso that Dino and myself know when it comes to linking and the event storyline can be planned/stay intact!
    filloo has now passed his trial so he is now a full Room Builder!
    Well done filloo!

    Myself, Dino, Skye and the AGMs have discussed who has stood out this month and we have decided that the Builder of the Month is... *drum roll* @Hx.Ben;
    Well done Ben!
    You had an idea for a room and you made it happen within a day! As always you made your room awesome to look at as well as making a game that stuck to the story!

    This is always a hard one because we have so many amazing builders. It is always so hard to decide on one room! So we have decided to look out for the details in rooms… them small added furnis in room can make a massive difference!
    This months room of the month is... Dreamyard by @filloo;This room stood out the most because the way filloo stacks furni to create a new effect and add finer details into his room really makes you look twice!

    Game types we have seen this month:
    1- Guide the bot
    1- A**** room
    1- Click it
    1- Don’t walk when
    2 -Multigames rooms
    3- Avoid it
    5 -Say Keyword
    1 - Queue Rooms
    1 - Secret badge

    Total rooms built this month: 14
    User who built the most rooms for this event was… @Its.Dino & @Deactivate! with 4 rooms each..
    and @
    FlyingJesus with 2 rooms

    Overview of the whole year (2019)
    1- Guitar hero
    1- A.F.K room
    2- Sit, Click
    1- Don’t step on
    1 - Find & unscramble the words
    1 - Guess the Furni
    1- Bot script
    2 - Don’t walk when
    2- Multigames rooms
    2- Walk on spawning tiles
    2- Roller maze
    2- Guide bot
    3 - Interact with Furni
    6 - Avoid it
    3 - Rooms with a queue
    5 -Queue Rooms
    1 - Secret badges
    @FlyingJesus @nic01e @Deactivate! @Hx.Ben @Its.Dino @areww @xxGreenBearxx @LordofKittykats @filloo;
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