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    Default Habbox's official birthday events TONIGHT!

    Happy Sweet 16 to the wonderful fansite that is... HABBOX!

    In July 2003, one habbo called Mizki decided that she wanted to launch a little project... and Habbox was born. It quickly took off and has become a staple in Habbo's history, with thousands of users across the years enjoying all that we have to offer.

    16 years is a long time to be open and we have gone through a lot in that time, from friendships to tears to drama, events, arguments, badges and more.

    To celebrate, tonight we have a bumper pack of amazing events for you to enjoy!

    What's going on today?

    Join @nic01e; at 6pm for a boosted bank game with some amazing prizes!

    At 7pm, @Cleggy.; will be DJing a special Habbox giveaway - and you might even find some rare prizes!

    From 8-10PM join us in @Sho;'s party room for our OFFICIAL birthday party! As a special treat for you... you will also get another chance to pick up our Logo badge!

    Cleggy and I will be your official party DJs, giving away tons of credits and other special prizes on air!

    Wrapping up the celebrations at 10pm, the lovely @Hx.Ben; is hosting his special Prize Counter (with no sheep prizes I've been told!)

    Hope to see you there!

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