Hello everyone!

Today I am happy to be announcing some of the details for the 2019 Habbox Summer Spectacular!

HxSS, or the Habbox Summer Spectacular, is our annual summer event / tournament. We have four teams (red, black, green and blue) which users join and represent at Habbox events, on the radio, on campaigns across the forum, site, wiki and Twitter... to name a few!

We give away literally THOUSANDS of credits during HxSS so it's a great time to be part of Habbox... you could come away VERY rich!!

The four teams that compete: red, black, green and blue were traditionally animal-themed but since 2017 we have been doing more... modern themes!

This year, as voted for by our fantastic managers, our theme is going to be VIDEO GAMES!

Our four teams will be based on classic video game characters and led by each of the AGMs and FlyingJesus, who has kindly agreed to step up to lead the fourth team this year, due to his vast experience with previous HxSSes!

lawrawrrr will be the team captain for the Black team, whos mascot will be Spyro!

Shonly will be the team captain for the Blue team, whos mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog!

Ozad will be the captain for the Green team, whos mascot is Zelda (the game, not the character)!

And FlyingJesus (in shocking news) will be the captain of the Red team, whos mascot is Crash Bandicoot himself!

We are also looking for team leaders to help recruit people to the teams, keep HxSS running smoothly and more. Keep your eyes peeled for the nominations thread soon!

The 2019 Habbox Summer Spectacular will run from Friday 9 August (time TBC, around afternoon/evening) until Sunday 18 August at 23:59 BST.

Team leader applications will open this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Team registration opens on 29 July

Our special HxSS badge event opens on 2 August until 6 August

9 August
we all kick off!