The 2019 Habbox Summer Spectacular has arrived!!

Every August, every Habboxer gathers around excitedly in their new outfits, huddles around their team and gets together as we host our annual SUMMER SPECTACULAR!!!

If you're new to Habbox and aren't sure what we mean, not to worry! You may have seen the term HxSS around recently: but put simply, it's the biggest event Habbox holds every year, a great time to enjoy our wonderful events, meet some fantastic people and win AMAZING prizes!!

This year marks the thirteenth annual Summer Spectacular: 13 times this amazing tournament has been held. This year, we're happy to announce that our theme is Video Games and across all of our events you'll see a huge range of video games and learn more about where they came from and experience their stories (who says Habbox never teaches you anything?)


WHEN IS IT? I hear you scream.

WE KICK OFF at 5pm BST on Friday 9th August with my HxSS favourite event... BLEEP TEST!

We'll then be running 24/7 (hopefully, check out the timetable!!) until 23:59 on 18th August.

That's hundreds of hours of fun events!


But what makes it so spectacular?? What do you get out of it, if you take part? Well the following:

The fun of the competition between the four teams (black, blue, red & green): join one by clicking here!
Hanging out with your team-mates
Making new friends on the hotel
Beating your manager on an event to show them who's the real boss
Furni / credit / forum prizes at the end of every event you take part in
Prizes for the winning team such as credits and rares
VIP prizes & tokens up for grabs
and lots more!


Four teams will battle it out for points in a range of events across Habbo, Habbox, HabboxWiki, HabboxForum and HabboxLive. Our heavenly leaders will be there to guide you through all of these events so do ask them if you have any questions!

There is usually a lot of inter-team rivalry, but that is expected in these types of events and in the end it's a ton of fun and also a great way to bond with other users - so definitely worth it! Make sure you are ready to screenshot all of those embarrassing quotes of your friends and late night parties...

Your team leaders and mascots are...


Black team: lawrawrrr, Ekelektra, Nic01e


Blue team: Shonly, Hx.Ben, Ruth-On-Toast


Green team: ozad, Slurrey, Sloths

Crash Bandicoot

Red team: FlyingJesus, __tbl, Stealth


HOW DO I WIN POINTS?? I hear you ask!

Well! You can get points in LOADS of different ways:

Winning on-client events (or coming second or third!)
Hosting events (everyone can host during HxSS!!)
Entering HabboxLive competitions
Entering our big department events (9 in total, can you get them all?)
Keeping an eye out for quick forum or Twitter competitions

There are prizes for both individual top scorers as WELL as the team scores boosting your prizes... but you can find out more about that below!!


As well as the general events for winning events, AND each department quest will be giving away 50 credits and a month's VIP, we ALSO have main prizes for the tournament! All together we'e estimated around FIVE THOUSAND CREDITS in total will be given away!

Now, for the bit you've all been waiting for! The prizes...

Winning Team
1st: 400c + 3 Months VIP
2nd: 300c + 2 Months VIP
3rd: 200c + 1 Month VIP
4th: 100c + 2 Week VIP
5th: 100c + 1 Week VIP

Second Team
1st: 300c + 2 Months VIP
2nd: 200c + 1 Month VIP
3rd: 100c + 2 Week VIP

Third Team
1st: 200c + 1 Month VIP
2nd: 100c + 2 Week VIP
3rd: 50c + 2 Week VIP

Fourth Team
1st: 100c + 2 Week VIP
2nd: 50c + 2 Week VIP
3rd: 25c + 1 Week VIP

Daily Top Scorers

This year we will also be awarding 100c to whoever scores the most points each day!

We Also have some *Rare Furni* prizes to be given away to our HxSS Award Winners towards the end of HxSS, Nominated BY YOU!

The top 10 scorers will also win 100 tokens per place:

1: 1000 tokens
2: 900 tokens
3: 800 tokens