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    Default The Habbox Summer Spectacular Awards!

    As the end of HxSS draws near, I'd just like to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has helped pull this thing together, from sorting out prizes, teams, competitions to everyone who hosted an event or DJed on air, and of course to everyone who has taken part!

    This has been our biggest HxSS for years and it's been great getting to bond with familiar faces and welcome some new blood into the Habbox family!!

    Please join us on 8th September at 7-9pm BST in the Habbox Help Desk for the official HxSS awards ceremony.

    While you may be like "OMG WHAT that's 3 weeks away!" we still have a lot of work to do to check all the events and tally up the final scores! The points will be hidden this afternoon as we go ahead and check them all to keep you all in suspense! With very few points in it, it's still anyone's game.

    In the mean time, please take a moment to vote in the Habbox Summer Spectacular awards form. This will be open until 1st September at 5pm!

    You can vote here:

    Staff/host awards
    Best events host
    Best DJ
    Best department event

    Team awards
    Best team leader / captain
    Best team cheerleader
    "I carried the team"

    People awards
    Luckiest player
    Unluckiest player
    Worst sporting Habbo
    Most ruthless
    Sorest loser
    Best Newcomer
    Funniest Member
    Best overall player
    I ♥ Points more than my own Mother!

    'Thing' awards
    Best HxSS outfit
    Worst queue
    Best HxSS quote
    Best HxSS song

    Additional awards

    This year, we are also giving you an opportunity to suggest custom awards which may even make it to the final, as well as asking you for your favourite memories to be read on air during our awards show.
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