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    Lightbulb ANYONE GOOD WITH WIRED!? Willing to pay lol!

    Really need help with wiring 2 things!

    First of which being a simple "bopper!" me and Justin (LoonyTooner) tried following a guide but still somehow can't get our heads around it hahaha

    Second is a bit more complicated...
    I have a school quiz room in my TC and i'd rather use freeze scoreboards instead of the manual football ones as they're more aesthetically pleasing, but I can't seem to make it work with the wired at all!
    I have "WIRED Effect: Give Points" and a "WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword" (Thinking I could maybe use code words like !red! !blue! etc.) but you can't click on furni etc. with the "Give Points" effect so I assume that's actually something to do with proper scoreboards?

    Is there ANY way of getting the freeze ones to work like this?? Or am I going to have to get my head around a scoreboard just for a single TC game?

    Willing to pay for help with this!!


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    For freeze scoreboards I'm pretty sure you'll have to use teams, either by having "join team" wired or putting people through a team gate, whereas "give points" will refer to the scoreboards that have usernames rather than colours. Sounds complicated for one game

    For bopper there's a guide in the events staff area but if it's no good I should be online properly soooon
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