So I've seen this in theatre about 12 times now and since the Queens theatre is having a refurbishment, they're doing a concert for 16 weeks only and it's it' a great cast!

Alfie Boe, Matt Lucas. Michael Ball and Carrie Hope Fletcher
My mum went to see the concert a few days ago and said it was by far the best Les Mis experience she's ever had and she's seen it in theatre well over 30 times.. so needless to say im super excited to see it this weekend.

Tickets are no doubt expensive, cost me 205 just for the tickets. So I reckon the whole day will cost me upwards of 300. But I thought it's a once in a lifetime thing, like they'll probably never do a concert again with this lineup, so its worth the money in my eyes.

I'll no doubt go see the staged performance again a fair few times in my lifetime, but hopefully this would be one to remember .

Has anyone else seen Les Mis? I myself grew up on it, have known all the songs since I was a kid since my mum idolised the play.