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    Default Mighty Michigan ~Ends October 24th

    Hello and welcome back to another competition!

    Some of you may know that I am from the United States. Specifically, I am from Michigan. I know a lot of random facts about Michigan, because this is where I live! But, a lot of you are from the UK, so you don't hear all that much about Michigan.

    So, for this competition, all you have to do is answer these 5 questions. These are just random facts about Michigan.

    Questions are as follows:
    1) What is the capital of Michigan?
    2) What is Detroit, Michigan known for?
    3) Who founded the state of Michigan?
    4) What is the richest city in Michigan?
    5) What is Michigan's state bird?

    Prize is 5 coins for a person chosen randomly who gets all answers correct!

    Send your answers HERE
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    this comp is now open

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