Hello all, now I made my account back in 2010 and met a lot of people, I would play it all the time and like a lot of people that played Habbo, their accounts sort of meant a lot to them, so you could imagine how I felt when I got banned for literally no reason. I got banned in 2016 if I remember correctly, but I instantly contacted support, I must have emailed them at least five times over about a month, I grew up with this account after all so it meant a lot to me. But again, I never got a response from anyone and had no choice but to give up trying.

I still remember how I got banned, and its as simple as follows, I was playing and got invited to a room because there was a party or something like that going on, I joined the room and within a few seconds I got logged and it said that I was banned for raiding. At the time I had no idea what that even meant, and so now, whenever I attempt to log in all these years later, I get the same message: "You've been permanently banned for: raiding." even though all I did was enter a random room that I was invited to.

Fast forward a few years later, I try and contact support again and I got a response saying "Thanks for contacting us about your old account. We love when old players come back to visit us and want to be part of Habbo again! Unfortunately, the account that you would like to use to access Habbo again has been banned for longer than six months. After six months, we are no longer able to review bans, so no matter why the account was banned, it is no longer able to be recovered."

This email annoyed me so much because of this one sentence, "After six months, we are no longer able to review bans", I contacted them the moment I was banned and was completely ignored. Is there honestly zero chance of me getting my account back? Thank you for reading if you got this far.