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    Default Calling all old uk players!

    I Didn't see a category that would fit my question, so i ask it here. (staff please move if this is in the wrong section )

    Everyone remembers the "Deals" page right?
    There was a 3th page especially for .co.uk.
    It contained: The Queen Mum poster, Prince Charles poster and a plant.
    Well my question is about this last one, who remembers what plant was included in the deal??
    I've been looking for ages on the internet but can't seem to find it.
    Thank u!


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    There were different deals for Queen Mum and Charles I'm sure, one had pineapple plant and the other had yucca if I remember rightly

    Oh just seen it's been found, excellent gotta love how those deals were so worthwhile because at the time things ACTUALLY traded for how much they cost in catalogue
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