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    Default Habboxween 2019 - The Winners!!

    The results are in and it is time to announce our winners!

    BUT FIRST... A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been involved in making it happen, our department managers for providing us with some amazing tasks, and everyone who participated and made it worth while!!

    First place:

    IAmDaBlack / @Hola.;
    250c, 3 months VIP, 250 tokens & forum award

    Second Place:

    Ducklopholiac / @Dylduck;
    150c, 2 months VIP, 150 tokens & forum award

    Third Place:

    100c, 1 months VIP, 100 tokens & forum award

    *The full leaderboard can be viewed by clicking here!*

    A huge congratulations to everyone! What a fantastic year, thank you all for making it happen and I hope you enjoyed taking part!!

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