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    Default Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP is elected as Speaker of the House of Commons

    Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP is elected as Speaker of the House of Commons

    The MP for Chorley is 'dragged' to the Speaker's Chair after winning the election to succeed John Bercow MP.

    A few interesting facts,

    - The office of Speaker of the House of Commons dates back to 1377.
    - The Speaker is 'dragged' to the Chair to symbolise unwillingness to hold a position of power.
    - The role often alternates via convention between the two main parties.
    - Arthur Onslow is the longest serving Speaker in history, serving for 33 years between 1728 - 1761.
    - There are only two former Speakers alive today; The Baroness Boothroyd and John Bercow.

    For such an important office of state, and which plays such an important role, it is so good to see the back of John Bercow who greatly damaged the role as a position of neutrality. I wanted Sir Lindsay Hoyle to take over, and now that he has hopefully he can restore the office back to the respectable one it once was. Along the lines of The Lord Weatherill or The Baroness Boothroyd, not Bercow.

    Apparently the candidates were asked whether they voted Leave or Remain. Hoyle was the only one who wouldn't say - PERFECT.

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    I liked Bercow, he was good fun. This guy seems alright though.

    Also, hi.

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