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    Hey everyone!

    Each month our department managers will send us a nomination for their departments, and General Management will discuss who is most deserving. There will be up to three winners each month who will be awarded for their efforts with a lovely month of HC!

    October brought us tons of new wonderful staff members, awful time zone changes tht break the website, Habboxween and more! It's been a bumper month so thanks to everyone who's helped out!

    Without further ado, here are the winners for this month:

    @ChlorineDioxide; - Seb has been so enthusiastic from the day he joined us! He has been adding a LOT of information to the wiki from old campaigns, including the texts and storylines which has been pretty cool and a nice nostalgia hit. He has been going to great depths researching and looking through old archives, he's translating things too and going to a lot of effort. He's also been an awesome addition to the community by being very active in the Discord. A fantastic addition to the team & community, so welcome and well done Seb!!
    @..Lucas; - Lucas has completed loads of hours this month and is always a friendly face in the Help Desk, making sure people are happy and helping them with any questions they have. He really seems to care about the Help Desk and is a really active member of the community too. Thanks for all your work Lucas!

    You've both won a month of HC from us (which has already been automatically added, so enjoy!)

    Unfortunately not all nominations can win a prize, but we do have some honourable mentions to share too!

    @nic01e; - Since becoming senior DJ, Nicole has helped out a lot with the department! She has cleaned up and organised the leaderboards, as well as helping tidy up the forum, organise new jingles and helping motivate and communicate with staff.

    @Hx.Ben; - Ben has really helped out this month with Habboxween, going out of his way to help build rooms to help us run it smoothly. Thanks Ben!

    @Its.Dino; - Dino has really stepped up this month while David was away and did a great job planning another really fun Habbox badge event, and has already started work on the next one. A great couple of events in a row for sure!

    Thanks everyone!!
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