Christmas lights and bitter cold nights... The John Lewis advert is all anyone is talking about and late night shopping will soon begin!

Habboxers are rushing around in an attempt to get you all in the Christmas Spirit, I wonder what they have planned this year!

What's occurin' this year?

This year Habboxers will be participating in different tasks to collect items for Santa's shopping list, items mean raffle tickets... and raffle tickets mean PRIZES!
Become Santa's little helper and help him arrange his Christmas party!


14th - 22nd December!


First Place:
250c, 3 months VIP, 250 tokens & forum award

Second Place:
150c, 2 months VIP, 150 tokens & forum award

Third Place:
100c, 1 months VIP, 100 tokens & forum award

*Stay Tuned for more information and details to be posted very soon!*