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    Default HabboxLive for the future.


    So as I've just taken up the HabboxLive Manager position, I would like some feedback on how the radio has been in the past year. Good or bad feedback is fine (if any) - honesty basically.

    What would you like to see? Any ideas which may help bring HabboxLive back it's past glory? Any changes that need to made ASAP?

    I've asked the staff but now I would like the communities verdict so I can start to work out an action plan!

    Anything feedback is appreciated.
    HabboxLive Radio Manager

    I am always looking for new DJ's for the HabboxLive Team, PM me for more information.
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    Hiya Ollz,

    Firstly congratulations on becoming HabboxLive Manager, long time coming I have to say!

    As people are aware I've always loved HabboxLive and although I'm not part of Habbox anymore I do still really care. The radio has always been a very tricky department to run but the first thing you have to know is that everything is trial and error, there's never really a bad idea because I personally think ideas can be developed and can open up bigger and better ideas (some people may disagree though).

    From an outside point of view I think listeners are actually quite decent when the radio is online, I think the main issue is just motivating your staff to DJ as much as possible. I'm not sure on what the minimums are (if there are any right now)? but I'd start by reiterating to your staff that minimums are there for a reason but also offer bigger and better rewards for staff to give them that incentive to DJ, it's about giving the DJs a reason to love DJing, to love being part of the department. I'd maybe suggest maybe giving the staff some more say in how the department is run and offering rewards for them bringing in more DJs as I know it can feel like you're doing all the recruitment on your own, so perhaps saying if you recommend or if I hire someone you've passed onto me I'll give you X. It does work sometimes but as they say, if the prize is right then the possibilities are endless.

    I think advertising the big shows which does mean introducing big shows, I tried to bring in an idea that the community can DJ too like have a weekly show of their choice, I didn't have the time really to bring that idea into practise but it's something that I think could be a good idea.

    I also think having challenges for DJs to really push the boat out, think outside the box with their shows rather than doing just a normal show, think of something more exciting, it could be like bringing on another DJ or a member of the community onto the show with them etc, double shows are ALWAYS popular!

    I loved your post in the habbox announcements about you being on air, such a good idea and I know events used to do that way back when, it may not generate much interest but at least everyone knows the radio is on, we do have some guests who take a little snoop at the forum without signing in, maybe it'll get them to tune in when they see your post (who knows)!

    Back on the topic of minimums, if there are any have you tried to lessen them. I know when I put it down to 2 a week it did get people more interested because 2 hours a week isn't that much and people may be interested.

    I think also, giveaways are a great way of getting more staff in, is the hxlgiveaway account still alive? I have a ton of furni I can easily donate if it needs a top up? but yeah advertising in there by saying "I'm looking for DJs, no experience required, full training given!" or something along those lines, sometimes it got interest, sometimes not but at least it got people knowing that apps are open and you are looking!

    I may post back with more ideas but I hope these suggestions do help. I know sometimes running a department that's so big and has been at Habbox for so long can be daunting but just know you can do it and you'll do amazing. Don't feel down if things don't work because like I said everything is trial and error. Another pointer, work closely with General Management, they have loads of experience and sometimes having a bit of a rant or asking for advice does really help.

    Enjoy your role, I'm here if you need any advice etc despite not being part of Habbox!

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