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    Default [Habbox] Classic Games Weekend!

    Do you miss Old School Habbo? Participating in events like Fallin Furni?
    Then come on down and join us for Classic Games Weekend running from Friday 17th - 19th!

    What we have planned:

    - Throwback Songs and Shows with the HabboxLive Department
    - Old School Games on Habbo from the Events Department
    - Habbo History Themed Saturday Night Quiz with the Help Desk Department

    - Habbox Classic Games Badge Event!
    Our badge event will also be opening this weekend, earn yourself the badge below by completing it!

    Don't forget to check out for a guide

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    Classic Events Weekend has begun!!

    Check out the events timetable for the classic events!

    Tune into the radio for classic tunes!

    Check out the guide here! For the guide to get the amazing badge!

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