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    Default How did you find out about Habbo?

    How did you originally find out about Habbo? Personally I remember someone telling my sister to play it and make an account (but I never joined then). I then remember having an operation and being off school for a week so that's when I remembered the game and joined. So it was mainly by friends that I found out about it!

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    There was an advert in one of my sister's teen magazines about this wonderful new way to make friends using the internet (ask your parents before you dial up!) and we both made accounts but she got bored of it after like a week and I'm obviously still here 19 years later
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    October 2002 one of my best friends in real life, the user PrittStick, recommended it to me. I remember he said "you create a character and stay in a hotel and talk to people". Thought it sounded sh*t but I ended up using Habbo on and off for the next 15 years or so!
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