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    Default Habbox Awards 2019 ~ The Winners!

    And that's the Habbox Awards 2019 over!

    Once again, a massive thank you to my three fellow General Managers, to Connor, Sho and Tom for all of their hard work last year. To all of our managers who keep the departments running, to all of our staff who every day write, host, help, design and more to help out the site. To all of our members who take part in everything we host, who make life-long friends and enjoy themselves. We absolutely do this for YOU and BECAUSE of you, and we couldn't do it without you.

    Thank you!

    Onto the award winners...

    Room Builder: @Its.Dino;
    Competitions Staff: @tbl;
    Graphic Designer: @ExtraKen;
    Content Designer: @Ekelektra;
    Help Desk: @lucyecc;
    HabboxLive DJ: @cameron446:;
    Articles Writer: @FlyingJesus;
    Events Organiser: @RuthOnToast;
    Forum Moderator: @Jarkie;
    Kindest Staff: @LucyFaye;
    Most Dedicated: @tbl;
    Best Staff Newcomer: @LucyFaye;
    Manager of the Year: @nic01e;
    Department of the Year
    Room Builders and Content Design (tie!)

    Kindest / Nicest Member: LucyFaye
    Most Clever Member: FlyingJesus
    Sexiest Member: lawrawrrr
    Most Helpful Member: tbl
    Funniest Member: FlyingJesus
    Best Newcomer: @Dylduck;
    Best Overall Member: LucyFaye

    Most Likely to end up in Jail (crimes included please)


    __tbl, flew to all habbox members to give them a knuckle sandwich
    __tbl for punching the whole of habbox
    LucyFaye, Robbing bank to pay for habbo credits
    LucyFeaye (eating a strangers brain)
    LucyFaye (not watering lucyecc's plants)
    lawrawrrr - For ordering Uber Eats, stealing their car to go and buy wine. Cause? Laura finally lost her mind over Habbox website coding errors
    Ruth-On-Toast for being smelly.
    Ruth-On-Toast (for drug use)
    Lucas--blowing up Habbo HQ for not receiving his credits
    Lucas for driving wreckless
    Cameron for turning into the guy from You and stalking us all to death
    lucyecc for dancing too much barn dance lol
    ChlorineDioxide for knowing too much
    Nic01e for credit card fraud

    Biggest Moaner: Cody403

    Biggest Habbox Scandal


    A former member of staff allegedly having a serious medical condition
    Blue team pretty much dominating HxSS to have only been beaten by the Black team last min!
    Stealth quitting HxSS mid HxSS
    That time FJ slept his way to being GM (jk love u FJ)
    When Connor caught THE clap

    Best Forum Thread: Count to 2020

    Best Song:
    AronChupa & Little Sis Nora - Llama In My Living Room

    Best Memory


    HxSS 2019 (#BLACKTEAM)
    Hxss team playing
    HxSS was awesome!!
    HxSS 2019 by far loved it was sad when the radio went off once it ended didn't have much sleep after 2 weeks xD
    Leading black team in HxSS and then WE WON (highlight of my whole year irl)
    Being asked to help out more with HxSS and then being able to do so, genuinely proud of how brilliant it was and of my involvement
    Getting a lot of new friends through the year
    That time Connor caught the clap & told me not to tell anyone...
    Cameron and grandad
    Getting into the most loving fansite ever
    Winning bot races with Barney

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