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    Default Love between us all x

    Those of you who have known me in some way, no matter what stage of my life, surely know a little bit about me. Maybe we're not linked anymore, but I want to believe that we are. I'm curious how willing we are to use your time to write something to someone else. I decided to participate in an experiment called "a meeting with friends". The idea is to see who reads my post without a photo, as we are so immersed in images, that any concentration in reading is appreciated. If no one reads this message, it will be a short social experience, but if you read to the end, I want you to write a word that connects you to me. For example a place, an object, a person, a moment that brings us back to our past or current relationship. After, as the experience dictates, copy the text and paste on your wall. I'm going to your wall to leave a note that ties me to you. Please don't comment on this post if you don't have time to copy the text, it would ruin the experience. Gratitude! Just as you remember, people remember you too! NIGHTS!
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    Choco surprise
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    Shine Jesus Shine *+*+*+*+

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    BLACK as in for BLACK TEAM
    totally not predictable:

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