Christmas might only barely be upon us, but I wanted to let you all know that Habbox is going all in for New Year this year!

The lovely DJs @Conor; and @cheesycrisp1; will be hosting an extra-special show on HabboxLive full of questions and quizzes (with 10c prizes!), including BEST DRESSED so get planning those fab New Year's outfits!!

There will also be loads of guests on air joining in the fun!

And on client?

The super cool @despect; will also be hosting my traditional New Year's banzai giveaway - as I am ACTUALLY OUT THIS YEAR? I feel awful. It's terrible. A travesty.

There will be LOADS of prizes up for grabs, including norms, credits, rares, and maybe a HC box or two, so get down there!

More will be posted when the room is finished and prizes finalised!

Hope to see you there!